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Employee Starters, Changes and Leavers

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Unless your employer is onboarded onto i-Connect, the Fund needs to be advised whenever a member joins the Fund, changes certain personal details (such as name or address) or leaves the Fund.

Further details of what information is required is explained in the relevant sub-sections.

New Starters

It is the employer's responsibility to inform all new, eligible employees about the LGPS, advise them they will be automatically (contractually) enrolled and ensure that we are aware by following the relevant process..

Eligibility of New Employees into the LGPS

Find out which employees are eligible to join the LGPS depending on whether you are defined as Scheduled Bodies, Resolution Bodies/Designated Bodies or Admitted Bodies. 


What you need to do and what you must tell us about any relevant changes to members employment or personal circumstances.

Opting In And Opting Out

Find out when a member must be brought into the scheme automatically and how members are entitled to opt out.

50/50 Section and the Main Section of the Scheme

Members have flexibility to pay into either the main part of the scheme or the 50/50 section of the scheme. Understand the differences between the two and what you need to do.

Leavers and Deaths

What you need to do when a member ceases membership of the scheme either as a result of leaving their employment or opting out of the scheme.

Retirements and Redundancies (Aged 55 or Over)

Find out about the different types of retirement.

What is ill-health retirement?

If an employee leaves work due to illness will they be able to receive immediate payment of their benefits on the grounds of ill-health.

Strike And Trade Disputes

The pension position concerning strikes and trade disputes.

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