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New and ceasing employers

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Employers are split into the broad categories of Scheduled Bodies, Resolution Bodies and Admitted Bodies. 

Becoming an employer

Scheduled Bodies have an automatic right and requirement to be in the pension scheme.

Resolution Bodies are entered based on them formally 'resolving' to do so for one or more members, while for admitted bodies this is subject to them meeting the eligibility criteria and a legal agreement, called an admission agreement, being signed by the relevant parties.

Admitted Bodies either become members of the LGPS as a result of a TUPE transfer, or following an application to the Fund to become an employer in the scheme. Furthermore information can be found in the section on admitted bodies.

For an employer to join the Fund, there will be legal and actuarial costs incurred, which will be re-charged. For an indication of these costs, please contact us at

More information can be found in the below documents:

If you are considering applying to become an admitted body on this basis, please contact either or

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